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A Peruvian dog seems to be guarding the Temple of the Moon, built by the Mochica civilization 2000 years ago.


This is the Mochica’s god of the mountains.


This site was just discovered in the 1980’s, so much more excavation needs to be done, if funding can be found. Mochicas built temples on top of temples in perhaps 8 to 11 layers. It is estimated that 50 million adobe bricks may have been used in the construction.


Looking from the Temple of the Moon to the Temple of the Sun (which is comparable in size to the pyramids in Saqqara Egypt) you can see the remains of the ancient city.


Hästa gets a close-up look at mud bricks.


The magnificent façade at the entrance of the Temple of the Moon has been almost fully excavated.


We left the Mochica excavations, traveling through a poor area of present day Peru and on to the scene of our next history lesson – the pre-Incan Chimu Nation’s capital city, Chan Chan.


The world’s largest “mud city”, Chan Chan is the largest pre-Columbian city in South America, built by the Chimu people around 850 AD. Here I stand, helping to guard the king’s high place.


Pelicans in poses and the X-shapes of fish nets decorate the sacred rooms in a palace where tribute offerings were brought.


The Chimu nation was overthrown by the Incas in 1470 AD, but it was once home to perhaps 100,000 people – Oh, one got away!

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